Giving is Receiving

Giving is Receiving

Giving is Receiving

By Falguni


I noticed a strong desire in me to contribute for a long time now.  I wanted to do something for my community, however, I wasn’t sure what I could do and how I could do it.  All I knew is I wanted to GIVE.  

I remember, the hesitant and doubtful me; not having enough faith.  Approaching my mentor and asking, ‘Are you sure I can do it? With words of hope and courage, I came home.   And called the children. Recollecting now, our initial conversation.

“Tame loko aavsho?” (Will you girls come?) 

They looked at me!  A little surprised, a little doubtful. (I noticed their hesitation)

“Haaa amey aavishu” (Yes, we will come they responded in unison). The children took permission from their parents, and that started our journey which lasted for 3 years.   

Excited voices, chirping, joyous, naughty, running, and BEAMING with a huge smile would enter my home.  They would put their footwear in one row neatly. I would watch in admiration. If one was out of order it used to be quietly put in order.  I used to observe all this and enjoyed their ownership of the space.  So every Sunday it was a ritual for the children to be at home. There was laughter, fun, singing, dancing, jumping, playing, crafting, finishing school homework and learning everything under the Sun.  

As days passed, our bond strengthened and the number of children grew.  We became a beautiful place, and called ourselves, Masti ki Pathshala. 

Is that all? No ! In this process, I discovered a few life lessons; 

Giving is Receiving

When I had started, I had told myself that I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, I want to spread happiness and joy in someone’s life, but little did I know that when I would be GIVING, I would be RECEIVING too.  

Today as I sit and look back to all those days, I realise I have received. They say if you give, you get in return thousand times more. Yes!  I too got it thousand times and am still getting it. 

  • I went out to spread joy and happiness, and received with joy and happiness in my life. 
  • I went out to spread love and received love in my life. 
  • I went out to touch people’s heart and my heart was kindled and touched. 


Love is infectious

When I had started these sessions, I had a silent observer, my husband.  And as it was a Sunday, he would be home, listening to the laughter and voices of the children.   And I would see him smile on hearing the laughter and joy in the children’s voices. And from that date till now, what is the change? If I have to do anything for the children, he will immediately say “chokra o mate che ne to nahin vicharvanu” (If it is for the children, just do it!  Don’t think too much)



It has been some time now that our sessions have stopped.  As the children grew older, they had their own priorities. Initially a bit sad, I have now accepted. I accepted them as they are, with their priorities. They have got a little bit farther but are not apart. They continue to come, as and when, bringing their joy, their love and their stories. I listen to them, just listen. The glow on their faces, the happiness in their voices, the joy in their bodies, is all that matters. I embrace these glorious beings into my life.  


Heart to Heart

When I received positive, supportive relationship to develop my fullest potential from my mentor, I was able to do the same for my children. 

When I was listened to, I heard; 

When I received guidance, I guided;

When I was encouraged; I could encourage;

When I received light; I could see hope in others


If my children have not left me, neither has AURA.  It is still there hearing me, just as I am still here, listening to the children. What a beautiful bond!! AURA has bonded us all together! It has added a new dimension in my life.  

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