About Us

Heart to Heart

This message took the longest while to be put on paper, more than a decade actually! Because it took us that long to stand up and be counted, to find the right words for our work and share what we know, what we do and how we make a difference to the way children live and learn!

I write on behalf of all team members of AURA, our lovely volunteers and the trustees who have backed this work with resources of time, energy, money and blessings. AURA’s signature and crowning glory are its people – who have built it with generosity, hurtfulness, simplicity, flow and a sea of smiles.

AURA was founded in 2007 with one seed thought – to create a space for children, where their FEAR can be transformed into the energy of LOVE… because we believe that is the answer to a more fulfilling and powerful way of living. Our challenge was to take this seed thought and make it a concrete, day-to-day reality in the lives of children. 

We sowed this seed in the landscape of LEARNING and today it stands tall as a tree, that gives shade to children, young adults and their care-givers (teachers and parents), who come from communities that are marginalised.

So –  what does everyone learn? They learn that they matter, they have potential, and they cannot be defined by their report cards or their life circumstance. They learn that if they receive compassion, understanding and a chance, they can give their best back into the world. They become aware that the light lies within and they can shine if they believe in themselves. 

At AURA we believe that love and truth go hand in hand, authentic conversations strengthen relationships and it is important for humans to collaborate.  We believe that it is possible to work through conflict, it is possible to trust others and it is possible to feel safe in our diverse world.

We now know that what we have intuitively created for over a decade is called Social Emotional Learning in pedagogical language! It adds strength to our voice!

As I look back – the seed thought only vibrates more powerfully, digs deeper and we feel more than validated about our calling. Our world needs balance with great urgency as there is a wave of transformation that is hitting all shores of humanity. People all over are stepping out to find a more loving way to live. We are proud, excited and dedicated to be part of that change and even more committed to support children and their care-givers towards more Awareness Understanding Reflection and Action to create their own beautiful AURA! Yayyyy!

We envision a future as a Design Center for training and learning about Social Emotional Learning for children and the community, that enables inner transformation towards harmony, beauty, truth.

Walk with us…

Jagruti Gala


Our Approach

Clarity and Creativity –

Dimension of the Mind

Our guiding Mantra is to teach children ‘what to do when they don’t know what to do’. This we believe is the crux of a mind that can think in innovative and resourceful ways and move with the constantly shifting reality

Care and Compassion –

Dimension of the Heart

We live in a world where many children get mixed messages of shame and inadequancy. At AURA we support a different reality. we have faith in each child’s wholeness and innocence. We believe that LOVE is the answer and once the LOVE tank is fuller, children astound us with their creativity, their potential and their ability to deliver.

Community & Connection –

Dimension of the Soul

Every learning unit emphasises a big picture view for an understanding of the community and the world, and how everything fits together. Children become aware of the impact of actions and consequences; of choice and responsibility and the dynamics of relationship. They also deepen self-connection by becoming aware of feelings and needs and more ease to express them.