Children are the heart and soul of AURA. We believe in creating a space for them where their fears can be transformed into love. They learn that they MATTER and that they have great potential to go forward.

At AURA we give from the heart which helps in creating positive relationships. Your contribution will help more children who have been marginalized to become creative, connected and compassionate leaders.  

Choose from the following ways to contribute:

General fund

This fund is created to cover expenses not specific to a project/cause/need. This covers expenses vital to the running of the organization. It also acts as a buffer in the event of a gap in donations and unexpected expenses. Rs 250 and up

Sponsor a child

Sponsor a minimum of 100 learning hours and a maximum of 250 learning hours for a child.

An annual cost of ₹7000 to 8000 for each child

Sponsor a Workshop and/or Event

The multi-dimensional development programs at AURA, utilize a multitude of resources and are primarily divided into two areas. The first is expert visits.  Here resource persons are invited to engage children on a given topic.  

Sponsor a workshop 

  • For 40-45 children OR 20 teachers or 20 parents
  • 7000-₹10,000
  • One-time; Full day  
  • Excluding food and hall

Sponsor an event 

  • The second part is a field visit or exposure visit where children get to explore and immerse themselves in the world around them. It could be a sports event, a picnic, or learning field trip visits.
  • 8000-10,000
  • For 40 children this cost includes transportation, food and other facility fees
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