Our hearts beat for a world where young people who have been marginalized can walk fearlessly, knowing they are loved and, their voice and existence matter!


We design and implement programs, to support the young people to develop core qualities in three dimensions – Mind, Heart and Soul.

The young people undergo experiences in

Social Emotional Learning [SEL] and

Multi Dimensional Development [MDD], to explore and express their leadership.

Our emphasis is to bring them high quality inputs that they do not have access to because of lack of privilege.



AURA offers long-term and intense Programs at our own centers, where the group of learners receive almost 250 hours of intervention each year. The programs are progressive and move through creativity in SARJAN, building connections in SAMVAD and contribution through leadership in SAMBHAV.   We also run a program, Sau Ka Jadoo, to inspire community to volunteer 100 hours of their time per year to help the less fortunate to learn something new.


We partner with caregivers, organizations and companies to build a bridge between them and the community. We facilitate identification of needs; and design, implement and monitor projects that develop innovation and self-regulation in young people.

Our Impact 2008-2019

Every beneficiary at AURA gets minimum 100 hours of learning opportunity

and loving attention each year.

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