Nutan Vidyalaya

As our volunteers reached out to schools and communities to spread our work, they came across a school, Nutan Vidyalaya which showed interest in developing their grade 8 and 9 girl students for support in communication and expression.  3 sessions with the students gave them an opportunity to explore relationships with self and loved ones, what it meant to them and how each relationship creates a new bond. 



  • To expand , explore and bloom the relation in our family
  • To maintain relationship in a family bonding and trust is required.



Following are some quotes from the students who experienced the workshop.

“ My mother gave up wearing chappals when i was serious, even today she doesn’t wear. In summers I feel very bad when she walks barefoot.”

“ My mother taught me cooking and now I feel proud to help her.”

“ Rain falls and stops but mothers love always showers on us. I love my mom. “